Gait analysis will give you key insight into your running mechanics, and help to pinpoint gait inefficiences. Armed with this knowledge you can make the best training and product choices to enhance your running performance.

Running regularly in the wrong type of shoe with a pronounced gait abnormality will almost certainly lead to more injuries in the long term. A full gait analysis takes about 15 minutes, and it’s completely free – so why take the risk? Pop into your local Runners Edge or take a virtual analysis and give yourself peace of mind.  

Improve performance:

Many believe that performance in running is only relevant for the serious runners. This is a common misconception as performance benefits anyone who runs. Recreational runners can get a boost of every workout through improved performance. Gait Analysis improves performance by showing areas that you can optimize in your running. Often, we have customers with too much lateral movement during their stride. By doing a Gait Analysis, runners will be able to sustain their run at a higher speed over a longer distance.

Prevent Injury:

Gait Analysis can prevent future injuries by correcting your running style. For example, an analysis might identity a runner with a narrow stride. Upon further analysis, it can identity the issue and propose certain drills to increase stride width. This could help prevent injury that commonly arises among narrow stride runners such as knee or shin splint.

Improved rehabilitation process:

Gait Analysis helps to identity muscles that need to get stronger or more flexible, and this can lead to a more effective rehabilitation process. Also, eliminating weakness in your running will help prevent injury recurrence.